Currently based in the heart of Devon, England my small studio is where I create most of my work. I have a passion for minimal, contemporary art. Working in inks, acrylics, digital and mixed media my diverse style spans many subjects. I work with interior designers and art consultancies internationally. My work is also used by many home staging professionals and by TV and film set companies. Inspired to draw at an early age by my Grandfather, I have always loved to create art and experiment with paint and pencil. Living in Devon , close to some amazing scenery and coastal landscapes, I always find inspiration. I always try to use minimal resources for my work. You can find my work on sale globally. Some of my online shops include:

  • FY
  • Etsy
  • Society6
  • GIRI Designs
  • Bombinate
  • East End Prints
  • iCanvas
  • Vossington
  • MINUS Art
  • Drawdeck
  • Obrah
  • Left Bank Art Group

  • "If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere" - Vincent van Gogh

    I use acrylic paints and inks and anything else I can find that makes a vivid, visual statement. I like to explore with different surfaces and mediums so my work is always evolving. I've worked as a graphic designer for the past 20 years. Abstract art for me is a real passion as it allows me to break the rules of traditional painting and combine whatever I feel necessary to produce work that makes people stop and gaze.

    If you would like originals on paper or canvas, please contact me with your questions and requirements. I can recreate many of the work on my Etsy shop as larger originals. I can send video and photos for approval before completion. Normally larger works over 40 inches wide will be painted on canvas and rolled. Then posted in a tube. I can ship worldwide this way.

    Check out my YouTube Channel Dan Hobday Art and Instagram danhobdayartist

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